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Database and Engineering Services (DES) Group

The DES group provides:

  • Central database services used in almost all activities of the laboratory. This includes the support for the development, deployment and running of the core administrative applications that make up the Administrative Information Services (AIS). Infrastructure services required for the database applications in the CERN Accelerator and Technical sector as well as the infrastructure on which CERN's Engineering Data Management Service (EDMS) is run.
  • Support of a wide range of Engineering software packages including tools for Mechanical, Electronic and Software Design. Support of Math tools, software development and documentation tools.
  • Support for the CERN CVS service, software license management, the J2EE Public Service as well as system support for TWiki.

Security Policy

The DES group has implemented a formal security policy governing the services they provide. The rules impacting service users are listed in the IT DES Security Policy.

About us

Group Leader: Mats Moller
Deputy Group Leader: Eric Grancher

The group is structured into 3 sections:
Database Infrastructure Services (DIS). SL: Eric Grancher
Engineering Tools Services (ETS). SL: Pierre Baehler
System Infrastructure Services (SIS). SL: Artur Wiecek

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